VIPSLANDTM, World’s First Blockchained PFP NFT With “On-Music Video”
& 250+ Other Traits!

“The Lisas” As Root NFTs

Based on blockchain technologies, all subsequent NFTs are derived from the following four genesis root blocks.

Moonah Lisa

Happiness and joy accompanies her smile.

Jade Lisa

Compassionate, peace loving and kind.

Shri Lisa

Promoter of wealth and prosperity.

Amare Lisa

Promotes love, passion and abundance.

These four root NFTs, Moonah Lisa, Jade Lisa, Shri Lisa and Amare Lisa, known collectively as “The Lisas”, birthed the rest of the NFts in our

Created as the genesis block for subsequent PFP NFTs generation. NFTs are crafted with LIMITED EDITION rarities, scarcely offered in this round of sales.

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“On-Music Video” Trait

We have around 500 NFTs featured in our “Genesis” Music Video, and currently is the world’s first NFT with such a trait!

Blockchained PFP NFT With 250+ Traits

Generated with more than 250 unique traits, the NFTs are modelled after the world population.


Ticket Membership Code Built In

Our NFT Blockchain Technology with unique DNA hash codes for all NFTs has the capacity to perform ticketing functions for large scale events.

nft trading card

Limited 20,000 + 168,888 NFTs

We have uploaded 188,888 NFTs onto the Opensea Platform, which is now being offered to the public. Currently, we stand as one of the few largest collections of NFTs in the market.


All members will be granted different tiers of membership depending on their contributions.

Ticketing System

With the funding goal reached, we aim to develop and implement a Ticketing System for VIPSLAND NFTs.

DNA Hash Codes

Every NFT is interlinked and unique, with its own DNA hash code and rarity rating.

Each portrait comes with it’s own blockchain address (hash “dna/genetic” code) which is used to generate the other portraits. Nothing happens at random.

With a blockchained foundational relationship between each VIPSLANDER, the next VIPSLANDER is mined from a matching previous hash codes of 2 VIPSLANDERs (or just 1).

NFT Tickets

Our technology allows us to create TICKETING systems using existing methodologies in the future.


The VIPSLAND Virtual Museum is an exclusive digital art gallery for members to showcase their NFTs for everyone. Each level of the museum is dedicated to a certain degree of NFT rarity and spaces will be more limited for higher levels.

Ground Floor

NFT exhibitions on the top floor are reserved for VIPSLAND Executives and Gold Members only. Each Executive will have a dedicated exhibition spot. The top floor will exhibit approximately 100 NFTs in total, with executives having privileged display locations.

Middle Floor

NFT exhibitions are reserved for Silver Members only. The middle floor will exhibit approximately 10k NFTs in total.

Top Floor

NFT exhibitions are reserved for Bronze Members. Non-members may also exhibit their NFT for a fee. The ground floor will exhibit around 50k NFTs in total.


The VIP’s island will serve its purpose to gather the special individuals from all around the world and host exclusive events for invited Gold Members and Executives only.


*Picture for illustrative purposes only

We envision a theatre at the center of the metaverse island with a 20,000 person capacity. Seating arrangements will be allocated based on contribution to VIPSLAND (Value of NFTs bought etc.)

VIPSLAND Institute

*Picture for illustrative purposes only

All invited gold members to the island are considered special, and some of the best in their respective fields. We aim to serve as a platform to gather those with the resources and expertise to solve the world’s problems by forming the VIPSLAND Research Institute. We aim to be able to implement the results of research in the real world through the VIPSLAND Network of members.

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