The VIP’s Island

With our funding goal of 10000 eth trade volume, we intend to purchase a virtual island on the metaverse where VIPSLAND events will be held; a VIP’s dream paradise.

*For illustrative purposes only. May not depict actual island, if funding target reached.


All great things have humble beginnings. VIPSLANDERS believe that technology combined with vision is unstoppable.

Phase 1
With a goal of 600 ETH for Phase 1, we intend to kickstart our VIPSLAND Merchandise Franchise.

Phase 2
With a goal of 1500 ETH for Phase 2, we plan to start the full scale development and implementation of our ticketing system in events.

Phase 3
With a goal of 10,000 ETH for Phase 3, we shall finally have enough resources to build the VIPSLAND Institute as well as purchase a private island, the actual VIPSLAND!