Planets & Seasons

All our NFTs are special and unique in every way. There is a reason for every NFT to be crafted in their specific way (combinations of 250+ different traits).


Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collections consists of 20,000 NFTs. These NFTs are offered through smart contract internally only.

Seasons Collections

There are 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) with each seasonal collection consisting of 20,000 NFTs. These NFTs are numbered from 20,001 to 80,000.

Planets Collections

Collections for all planets in the Solar System are available: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Each planet collection consists of 11,111 NFTs.

Team & Contributors

We strive to make a dent in the universe.

Executive Members

Team Members

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the inspiration for Moonah Lisa?

The most expensive art / painting in the world is Mona Lisa. However, we feel the digital counterpart of the most expensive painting / art in the world should be Moonah Lisa.

As our NFT is blockchained based, it’s natural for the art to birth other NFTs. However, root NFT should not burdened by moonah lisa alone. We feel the NFT blockchain population shld be all encompassing, therefore, referencing the other highly valued art globally with the 4 main colored races, we chose the other skin colored races to help “generate” the other NFTs.

The four root NFTs are collectively known as “The Lisas” as inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.

Each Lisas from their respective skin color represents certain good virtues / qualities of the general nft race / population, with the rest of the nfts deriving their blockchain genes from them.

Why Pixelated Art?

32×32 pixels requires maximum of 32×32 bytes = 1024 bytes and therefore can be easily uploaded to be blockchained. Their tiny sizes can be expanded to as big as possible without losing quality / detail.

Nature inspires with genetic coding and pre-programming thus each of our NFT is uniquely generated based on pre-programmed algorithmic too based on nature’s reference.

The philosophy of what each NFT represents and how they are interpreted is up to each holders’ interpretation and understanding of life in general. the artist seeks only to recreate / ignite thoughts of his understanding of nature based on his own humble and limited scientific and religious understanding.

The artist hope to create self reflection of the human population based on the world as a pale blue dot in the universe and seeing each NFT as a unique creation, where one cannot exist without an “ancestral root”.

In a world whereby values are eroded and human race are segregated, the artist hope the world can see the relatedness of each of us through the NFT.

What is the project’s roadmap?

Phase 1

Phase 2
5000 ETH, Merchandize Franchise / Licensing

Phase 3
10,000 Eth, VIPSLAND Members Exclusive Social Portal Platform

Phase 4

What will the utility of the project be?

Membership access to VIPSLAND Metaverse Island and exclusive access to members’ perk.

Normal Member <- the ones with white hash code on opensea (polygon network)

Bronze Member <- the ones with bronze color on opensea (eth network)

Silver Member <- the ones with silver color on opensea (eth network)

Gold Member <- the ones with gold color on opensea (eth network)

What are the plans to engage and grow the community?

Partnership with large-scale event organizers for biyearly gatherings / party on VIPSLAND in one of the existing metaverse (To Be Announced)

Does the team have experience/come from other successful projects?

20 years of experience on internet large scale tech handling traffic as top 15k alexa ranking sites globally, 1 bil hits yearly.

We have access to traffic from all around the world, ready to be converted to VIPSLANDERS. We are planning to massively advertise VIPSLAND to our traffic once the pre-sale period is completed.

Basics: supply, mint price, WL/Public allocations?

  • 20,000 supply on Eth network for higher tier members only.
  • 168,888 supply on polygon network for normal members only.
  • Mint Price
    0.05 eth floor price for ID 10001-20000 (Eth network)
  • Mint Price
    0.01 Polygon (Polygon network) for ID 20001-188888 for supporters
  • Allow List available to those who purchase an NFT from our polygon network.